GET your cameras out! At last there’s something ordinary residents of Smithfield – and any visitors to the town – can do about environmental villains as well as law enforcement officials who watch with their arms folded.

The ‘Clean and Green Free State Campaign’ has started a new name and shame competition. It aims to catch offenders in the act of breaking the law, and thus hopes to highlight the on-going problem of environmental by-laws being broken while the relevant authorities do nothing.

Latest edition of the Free State business bulletin says the public is urged to get out their cameras or cellphone and photograph illegal dumping, littering or any other illegal action. Send your gruesome evidence to with your information – name, cell number and date of birth – as well as some identification information of the case you have photographed. There’s even a prize for the best picture taken by someone younger than 18 and by someone over 18.

I think there should be an on-line exhibition as well as a physical exhibition, put up in the foyer of all municipal offices in the Free State!

Closing date for the competition is 30 April 2013. For more info, contact Thabo Olivier at 076 016 9499 or