At the Grahamstown festival? Don’t miss this fringe special: The epicene butcher and other stories for consenting adults. It’s performed by Jemma Kahn who stayed over at Trading Places on her way to the festival. She wanted a final run through and we volunteered to be her audience. So, along with her dad, Stan Kahn, and our dogs, we enjoyed a private performance in the stone barn where we live, sitting round the fire. Audiences in Grahamstown won’t be quite so cosy, but they will make theater history at the first public showing of kamishibai storytelling in South Africa. Jemma, who spent some time in Japan, has put together 50 marvelous minutes of entertainment. I won’t spoil your pleasure by describing the stories but let’s just say that it’s going to be noisy, bawdy and fun.

Venue: Masonic Back

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Jemma Kahn in her kamishibai production, entertaining a very select audience at the stone barn, Trading Places, Smithfield