Actually we had a number of angels visiting over the Christmas holidays, but none of the others was caught on film in complete regalia. These two angelic messengers, Jessica (6) and Rebecca (4) Klaaren, were strolling through the streets of Smithfield, round the corner from Trading Places. Perhaps they were checking out the truth of the rumour they’d heard that Smithfield was the closest thing to heaven on earth? Or maybe they were planning a test flight over the dorp, launched from the top of our ‘mountain’ (in the distance directly ahead of them)? Whatever the reason for their visit, we loved having them here and hope they’ll be back soon.

Angels Rebecca (left) and Jessica (right) complete with wings in Smithfield

Angels Rebecca (left) and Jessica (right) complete with wings in Smithfield. Notice those other wonderful winged creatures – the Lesser Kestrels, in the sky above the two cherubs.