A desert where a dam used to be ….


Dam Dies II

Early Sunday morning. The tractor arrives where the dam used to be bringing driver Geelbooi Maseu and his friend Petrus Zenzile who works on a sewerage clearing team during the week.

filling the water tank

Maseu connects the tank on the tractor to an old borehole, recommissioned a couple of days before, and begins to pump.

water in the tractor tank

Maseu takes the full tank into town. Then he and Zenzile drive up and down the streets, hooting. Anyone who needs water (and who doesn’t?) comes out into the road with a container and decants water.

He says he will be making this trip every day until the rains come. Only when the mountain storms hit the highlands of Lesotho will the Caledon River start to flow again. Only then will the town have water.