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  1. Hallo
    Ich finde ihr Hotel toll. Ich habe mich mit den Gästen unterhalten die unter anderem aus Hamburg kommen um den Stress mit dem blinkenden Lichtern diesen Drohnen von dem Militär welche in Hamburg herumfliegen zu entgehen ist ja Schrecklich Moment dort soll das USA Militär sein führen dort krieg.
    Naja kann jedem nur empfehlen bei Ihnen Urlaub zu machen.

  2. Hi Carmel

    We had such a lovely time at your place the end of April. The bonus was the walk with” Siener” the dog in the koppie. Simone our daughter enjoyed the mountain biking with your partner and we really enjoyed breakfast and dinner next door with Greg and Allister at the Gecko.
    Trusting you will have a new dog member to your family when we visit you again !

  3. I had the GREAT PRIVELAGE staying over at RHUS PLEK for two nights this past week….Not only is it beautifully furnished, well kept and spotlessly clean…..our host Carmen made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived. Thank you SO much for everything!!

  4. Hi Carmel,
    We now find we cant make the 11th can we book for the night of the 16th Dec – Tuesday ??

    Terry Emmott

  5. This is a lovely place to stay and is our chosen stopping place en route to the Cape from the Free State. The house is beautiful and comfortable, with wooden floors and cosy carpets, a big double shower (big hit with our 3 year-old), a lovely veranda to sit on for breakfast and a high wooden fence enclosing the garden (great for containing dogs and active small children!). This is a good place for birders, too, with birds fossicking both within the immediate garden and the larger garden outside the fence. You can also see the gum trees, from the veranda, where the migratory falcons roost in summer. We weren’t there at the right time to see them, but have seen them in our home-town: it is a rare treat to see the birds swirl in to the roost at night and burst out again in the morning. Ask about the kestrels/falcons, if you happen to stay at the Trading Places Guest House between late November and early March. Carmel and Gus are very welcoming and accommodating (we are generally late in getting there!) and knowledgeable about the area. If the house happens to be full, ask about their alternate accommodation at a house near by (also dog and child friendly: lots of space to run around in). We would like to stop over longer and explore the area next time.
    We stayed at both houses Both are great for families with (or without) dogs. The main house is beautiful, with the privacy of a fenced-in garden, perfect for a night stop-over or for a longer stay. The other house has a large open grass area and more rooms if you are traveling in a group and want lots of space for older kids to run around in.
    Kate, Michael and Rebe

  6. On route to Kidds Beach, we had an overnight stop at Trading Places. From booking to check-out, we felt like royalty. Carmen’s attention to detail in all aspects was spot on – the room was warm and cozy, with electric blanket and a feast of extra blankets. Her assistance in finding us a venue for dinner and breakfast was indeed helpful and their knowledge of the area enlightening.
    Will be back whenever we pass that way again. Many thanks Carmen

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