Trading Signs

You are welcome to enjoy our own special collection of vintage trading store signs from all over southern Africa as well as our old farm implements and vehicles.


Carmel will guide energetic walkers up the mountain behind the house, showing you the treasure trove of Anglo-Boer War graffiti, a cave with San rock art and other sites. The trail takes you through a conservancy and you may well see buck and other animals.


Geo-cachers will find it worthwhile to visit Trading Places. Not only can they be sure of a rich haul of caches in and around Smithfield, but there’s even a cache on our property.


Smithfield encapsulates the best of both cycling worlds. Long safe interesting stretches of tar for the roadies and more off-road riding than you can manage in a lifetime.


See Smithfield from a duck’s point of view. Paddling on the town dam, which has a circumference of about six kilometres, is a fun way of getting to know the area.

Plant life

We have some wonderful plant surprises here, like the two flowering winter bulbs, Massonia jasminiflora (veldskoenblaar) and Androcymbium melanthioides (pyjama plant), endemic to the area. During early summer there is another special treat when the gorgeous inkplant decorates the local golf course.

Historic sites

Not far from the house you will find an historic cemetery with 19th and early 20th Century graves, many of which suggest poignant stories from Smithfield’s turbulent past. Other major sites of historic interest near the village include the remains of two old French mission stations – Beersheba and Carmel – both of them pre-dating the 1838 Great Trek and well worth a visit.

And we can show you something unique: less than an hour away there’s an undisturbed Anglo-Boer War battlefield with gun emplacements, British military graffiti and empty cartridges still lying where they fell during battle.